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Our Next Show


Join us next February for a fabulous production of Gondoliers, or if you fancy singing with us then rehearsals begin on Wednesday the 5th of September at Laxton junior school in Oundle.

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Becoming an Oundle Gilbert and Sullivan Society patron has many benefits including priority ticketing to our annual show, regular updates on rehearsal progress and 2 free tickets per person/couple all for an annual fee of £26. For more information click the link below

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Latest News

Gondoliers Auditions

So from September we will embark on a new venture together: The Gondoliers!  

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Meet the Cast

Introducing the cast and their roles in our three parts show.

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Producers Update

 A final thank you to everyone involved in this year's Summer Concert (and to the valiant men who helped clear the Stahl this morning and return everything to our store - it was hot work!)! You are all stars and I am so grateful for all the time and effort you put into preparing. Our audiences really enjoyed it and so we achieved  our aim!

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If you are are aware of an event that you think other members of the society would be interested then this is an opportunity for you to publish it on the web site. 

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So from September we will embark on a new venture together: The Gondoliers!  

We will work hard as a team, create some great characters, sing beautifully, act ALL the time (!) on stage, and most importantly, have a LOT OF FUN. I really hope you will enjoy the concept and setting I have in mind.  If you are new to the company, I know you will enjoy being part of the Oundle G&S Players' family and for those of us who are already "related", we shall continue to be as happy as happy can be - tra la!.

Ben and I are really looking forward to seeing you all at the sing-through on Wednesday 5th September.

Please have a good look at the audition requirements for The Gondoliers:

Do note that for Gianetta, Tessa, Casilda and Don Alhambra, there are two sections of music to perform...….

Also Luiz will be a substantially bigger acting role and will be on stage for a lot of the operetta.

I hope you will feel confident about auditioning but please do email me if you want an informal chat about any of the roles and the music or libretti - after all I wouldn't want your views to have been hastily formed on insufficient grounds……..

Audition pieces here

Extra Audition Information - Schirmer Score

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let's have some remarkable hilarity and unmitigated jollity and I hope that I leave you with feelings of pleasure!

Best wishes


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Joining the Players

New members are always welcome. We have 2 productions a year; the Gilbert and Sullivan production rehearsals start late August and the performance is a week in February the following year. The summer concert rehearsals start in March every year and the performances over a weekend are in the middle of June. You can join as a full member and take part in either or both productions.

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