Introducing the cast and their roles in our next  Gilbert and Sullivan production.



Musical Director

Marian Porter   Kate Wishart 



Our Principals


Tom Rushton


An apprentice pirate who is keen to get back to civilisation but is besought with quandaries.


Daisy Jackson


The daughter of Major General Stanley. She is a delightful but slightly annoying girl, determined to "save" Frederick from the pirates


Phil Dawson

The Pirate King

Thinks he is in charge


Bernie McDonnell


The Pirate King's lieutenant. He is really in charge.



 Adele Meads


A "piratical maid-of-all-work". Knows more than she is letting on.


Ian Ferguson

Major General Stanley

Sole remaining parent of four eligible daughters. Is he really a military man or a kindly, bungling buffoon?


Dani Dixon


One of the four sisters who are General Stanley's daughters. A romantic airhead!

Polly Jackson


The youngest of the four sisters Edith is devoted to Mabel and would do anything for her although her enthusiasm sometimes takes over!


Hannah Neighbour


The most sensible of the four sisters. She is clever and harbours an ambition to master the new fangled technology of photography as a career. 

Dave Raftery

Sergeant of Police

A well meaning but rather ineffective character who carries off his ineptitude with great aplomb.



Ladies' Chorus


Louise Earnshaw, Cathy Humphries, Winifred McDonnell, Maxine Eveleigh, Hilary Pendrill, Ruth Bainbridge, Elly Eveleigh, Bobbie Turton, Marilyn Oliver, Mary Nodwell, Rebecca Barnes, Claire Meads,  Mary McKillop


Men's Chorus


Brian Norris, Peter Taylor, Colin Dix, Harrison Weston, Paul Eveleigh, Steve Holman, Ben Richardson, Tony Donaghy


Members Login

Joining the Players

New members are always welcome. We have 2 productions a year; the Gilbert and Sullivan production rehearsals start late August and the performance is a week in February the following year. The summer concert rehearsals start in March every year and the performances over a weekend are in the middle of June. You can join as a full member and take part in either or both productions.

If you don't sing, there are many other ways to get involved. from stage construction, wardrobe and make up, lighting to front of house, the opportunities are many and varied.


Whatever your interest, you will be most welcome and please contact us by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.